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Preventing Hazards

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How to Identify
Preventing Hazards                     How to prevent hazards?

Why do employees still fall due to slipping or tripping?

To prevent hazards, we need safe practices.  Ensuring workplace housekeeping is maintained and flooring is in good condition helps to maintain a safe working environment.

 Practices to Prevent Hazards

·        Don’t leave items on the floor to cause an obstruction

·        Clean up spills and wet areas immediately

·        Mop or sweep floors regularly

·        Reinforce mats, rugs or carpets to the floor so they don’t cause a trip hazard

·        Don’t leave cabinets, drawers or cupboards open

·        Ensure all safety equipment is in proper working condition

·        Replace batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors regularly

·        Keep staircases well-lit and free from clutter

·        Use only step-ladders, stools and ladders for reaching high places (do not stand on chairs, boxes or crates

·        Clean air vents and filters on a regular basis

·        Ensure all exits are free from obstructions

·        Always “lock-out” machinery before and during cleaning procedures

·        Take out garbage on a regular basis

·        Endure all cleaning equipment is accessible and easy to use

·        Replace light bulbs as soon as they burn out

·        Put up “wet floor” signs when washing or mopping the floors

·        Never leave flammable materials near heaters

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Why Do Employees Still Fall Due to Slipping or Tripping?


·        Lack of training

·        Lack of strong work practices

·        Protective equipment not working or ineffective

·        Protective devices not working or ineffective

·        Bad working conditions

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