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 How are committee members selected?

At least half the committee members must be worker members: non-management employees at the workplace who are selected by the workers. In a unionized workplace, the worker members must be chosen by the trade union or union representing employees. The employer chooses members as well (employer members). It is recommended that the employer select representatives by giving consideration to their knowledge of operations and to their duties and responsibilities as they relate to work procedures and safety. When dealing with a specific issue, however, the committee may wish to invite persons with specialized knowledge or experience to attend as advisers or observers.




 What are the committee’s principal functions?

The committee has four principal functions: to identify potential hazards, to evaluate these potential hazards, to recommend corrective action and to follow up implemented recommendations. To carry out its functions, the committee is required to hold meetings and carry out regular inspections of the workplace. All committee members should be available to receive employee concerns, complaints and recommendations; to discuss problems and recommend solutions; and to provide input into existing and proposed health and safety programs.

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